Whenever I think of my wedding, I can only recall one or two memories that were not captured on pictures. Most of the moments I remember from my wedding were ingrained in my memory by flipping through the pages of the wedding album.

So often when we are experiencing something special we feel as though it will remain with us, in our memories, forever. Years pass, new experiences slowly start to replace old ones, so we turn to photos to help us recall.

A photo that captures time, emotion, it takes you back, helps you remember. We stop and look at it for a second, a minute, an experience.

My journey is a long and unlikely one: I graduated as a teacher then an economist to  eventually become a photographer. I have the privilege to be present at weddings, births, baptisms, in joy and in sorrow. I am present yet mostly invisible. I let the moment take me, so I can feel what they feel. I take photos in a way that captures everything that I was honored to have shared with me.

I’m a female photographer. I view so many things as beautiful, unrepeatable. I’m present. I capture the moment. I try to give back everything that I receive.

Wedding Industry Awards 2012 – Wedding Photographer of the Year
Wedding Industry Awards 2013 – Wedding Provider of the Year

Tímea teaches at numerous workshops, holds lectures. Currently manages NDustrialStudios and NDustrialEvents.

She loves her carrier, however she is most proud of being a wife and a mother to Aron and Tiana.

Tímea Jaksa

+36 20 429 00 59